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Sun Jin Participates in the 2023 Annual Conference of the Asian Competition Law Association in Japan

On November 4-7, 2023, Professor Sun Jin and doctoral student Song Ying went to Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan to participate in the annual conference of the Asian Competition Law Association (ACA).


Prof. Sun Jin participated in the Executive Council of the Association on the 4th, and together with the executive directors of China, Japan and South Korea, summarized the work of ACA in the past year, and fully discussed item by item on the research and work plan of ACA for the next year, the enhancement of exchanges and cooperation among the members of the three countries, the expansion of member countries at an appropriate time, and the setting up of four committees under the Association and other important matters, and reached a lot of consensus, and formed the relevant resolutions.


Upon the recommendation of the Executive Council, Prof. Sun Jin has been appointed as the director of the ACA Regulation and Competition committee, which will be established soon. During the 5-6 days of the meeting, Sun Jin and Song Ying participated in the whole meeting and had exchanges and discussions with professors of competition law, officials of competition law enforcement agencies and lawyers from Japan and Korea. The meeting was a great success. It is also noted that the 2024 Annual Conference will be held at Sichuan University. (Correspondent: Song Ying)