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The Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China (MOFCOM) came to the Wuhan University Law School to investigate and inspect the foreign aid degree programs

On the morning of April 17, Lei Hao, Deputy Director of the Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM), and his delegation came to Wuhan University to investigate and inspect the Master of International and Chinese Law Program, which is a foreign-aided academic degree program undertaken by MOFCOM. Mr. Yuan Yufeng, Vice President of Wuhan University, received the research and inspection team. Mr. Li Xiaoban, Secretary of the Party Committee of Wuhan University, Prof. Li Xueping, Director of the program, and relevant leaders and managers of the College of International Education attended the meeting.

In the conference, Lei Hao expressed his appreciation for the outstanding contribution made by our foreign aid training program in serving the national strategy. He said that the current foreign aid training work is facing greater opportunities and higher requirements, and needs to show greater action. He emphasized that the majority of foreign aid workers should further raise their awareness of the importance of foreign aid training and cultivate more high-end talents for the recipient countries; the contractors should further strengthen the construction of foreign aid training team, pay more attention to strengthening the late contact with the trainees, give full play to the role of the trainees' alumni, and push forward the in-depth cooperation between China and the vast number of developing countries and international organizations.

Yuan Yufeng welcomed the leaders of the Training Center of the Ministry of Commerce who came to the research and expressed his gratitude to the Center for the care and support it has been giving to the foreign aid training work of the university. He said that the university attaches great importance to international education, and will further select and match the best teachers and staff to promote the high quality development of the program.

Li Xiaoban said that the college will put the foreign aid training work in a prominent position in the college's work, grasp the characteristics of foreign aid training work, strengthen the promotion, publicity and management of the project, and carry out all the work in a solid manner.

Li Xueping shared the insights and experiences in the process of project implementation and put forward opinions and suggestions on the structure of student source, project publicity, quality control, improving teaching level, thesis quality control, and carrying out special lectures.

“Since its launch in 2015, 166 students from 44 countries including Ethiopia, Nepal and Tanzania have been recruited into the program, of which 108 have successfully returned to their home countries. 108 of them have successfully returned to their home countries, playing an increasingly important role in the socio-economic and legal construction of the host countries and the economic and trade cooperation between the host countries and China, which are highly valued by the host governments, and actively contributing to the promotion of the “The Belt and Road Initiative” and the building of a community of destiny for mankind.