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Iomega Corporation

HotScripts Reviews Store/dealer locator script for PHP and MySQL or MS SQL.

PHP ZIP Code Locator works with your existing location tables.

There is no need to reload your location data into new tables.

Add a store or dealer locator to your web site in minutes.

  • Radius Searches: return your locations in order of increasing distance
  • Distances: calculate distances between ZIP codes and/or geographical points (latitude/longitude)
  • Customization: modify the search form and output to match your web site's style.

Includes ZIP Code database.

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PHP interface to the Google Maps API.

Add form buttons and links that generate Google maps. Use it with the locator to map location results.

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Online Demo

U.S. ZIP Code table for MySQL or MS SQL databases.

Lookup functions included. Easy installation.

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Canadian Postal Code table for MySQL or MS SQL databases.

Over 800,000 postal codes. PHP installation/lookup scripts.

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